Privacy Policy

Turn Option does not provide any data on commercial, financial or any other activities of its clients to any financial, supervisory or tax authorities, regardless of the circumstances.
The following are exceptions:
If the court demands that information on commercial, financial and any other activity of our client be provided to it;
Provision of information on the commercial, financial or any other activities of our clients is agreed directly with the client and the appropriate explicit and unambiguous consent obtained from him;
Provision of certain statistical information, whose analysis (and the resulting consequences arising out of it) cannot be used by third parties to influence this privacy policy.
Real client data (full name, address, country of residence, and other data) are not subject to disclosure. In order to strengthen confidentiality procedures, the client is allowed to use a fictitious name (username) when registering. We also recommend the use of electronic payment systems that make it difficult for third parties to identify the client.

Copyright Notice website, all the information and services hosted are the private property of the Company and are protected by copyright law. In the case of copyright infringement (harming website, copy materials, and so on.) the Investor will be prosecuted; his account will be blocked, along with funds that were on his personal account.

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